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Trust & Estate Planning

Our attorneys work closely with clients and their financial advisors to ensure that assets are distributed to the intended beneficiaries and taxes and probate fees are minimized.  We routinely draft wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, dynasty trusts, asset protection trusts, powers of attorney, and advance health care directives.  We apply the unique advantages of Delaware trust law for local, national, and international clients.

Estate Settlement

Our attorneys guide clients through the estate settlement process, help avoid unnecessary taxes and probate expenses, and minimize disagreements among beneficiaries.  We help clients locate and value assets, determine obligations of estates, and prepare all necessary estate and inheritance tax returns and probate documents.

Business Transactions

Our attorneys assist business owners and other individuals in all phases of their business development, from entity formation to business terminations.  We routinely negotiate and draft purchase and sale contracts, employment agreements, shareholder agreements, and other ownership agreements.  We assist clients in structuring their business transactions with a goal of maximizing their tax benefits and minimizing their tax burdens.

Fiduciary Litigation

Our attorneys represent trust companies, individual fiduciaries, and beneficiaries in trust and estate litigation in Delaware courts and advise clients regarding statutory and fiduciary duties under Delaware law.  We routinely petition the Delaware Court of Chancery to move or amend trusts.

Trust Advisory

Our attorneys routinely assist individuals and major financial institutions alike with the administration of trusts.  We draw upon our significant trust experience to assist fiduciaries in all types of trust matters, including complex administrative issues, changes in trusteeship, trust terminations, modifications, reformations, mergers, decantings, nonjudicial settlement agreements, and situs changes. 

Corporate Litigation

Our attorneys serve as lead counsel and local Delaware counsel for plaintiffs and defendants in corporate litigation matters in the Delaware Court of Chancery and other Delaware courts.  We represent companies, directors, officers, and stockholders in fiduciary duty, corporate control, corporate governance, statutory, advancement, indemnification, books and records, appraisal, and contractual disputes.